Best Paintball Pods Pack with Lock Lids [Cheap But Good Quality]

Any paintball game activity reaches failure when you run short of paintballs! So, how can you make sure that you have enough paintballs or rubber balls? A paintball pod set is a right gear that can help you assuredly. You can place a maximum number of paintballs in these pod sets and thus never run short off.

Here we have elaborated the details on the best paintball pods reviews. You can go through the review section and see which pod set should be your first choice. Most importantly, these are sturdy containers and give you enough supplies during the paintball game. It is pointless to enter into the field if you do not have enough paintballs. So, invest in such pod sets and keeps handy an ample amount of paintballs in them.

These paintball pods are attached to a harness. Some of them even arrive in the strapless version. The maximum holding capacity of these pods reaches 150. You should avoid and stop buying those pod sets that show significantly less holding capacity. They should be able to hold substantially more paintballs!

Moreover, these recommended paintball pods have a lid and are easy to open. Their covers are spring-loaded and do not give a painful time while opening and closing these pods. The usage of these pods will provide you with fast and instant access while grabbing your paintballs. In addition, these sets are lightweight, and you can even carry them in your single hand and use them with the paintball gun.

Top 7 Best Paintball Pods Review

HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pods - 6 Pack

1. HK Army HSTL 150 Round Paintball Pods – 6 Pack

Key Features:

  • Fully well-matched with all kinds of harnesses
  • Developed on advanced system
  • No worry to carry extra pods
  • High volume paintball pods
  • Carry larger loads
  • Six pack

HK Army paintball pods are available and obtainable in the six-pack set. In addition, they are embedded and composed of150 Round and extremely High Capacity Paintball Pods. The exciting part of this one of the best paintball pods packs is that they emanate with a spring-loaded lid.

They have an enlarged thumb groove and are stamped with contoured lit. Your paintball activity will remain smooth and stress-free because high-quality pods have arrived now. Tuck your paintballs in these pods and play as much as you can.

In addition, this pod can carry and withstand larger loads. There is no point in having extra pods because this respective paintball pod pack set is enough for you. Besides, this set is compatible with a large number of paintball harnesses. As we have introduced to our readers, HK Army manufactures High Capacity Skull Pods. You can use them out and share your reviews. They are made on an advanced system and make your paintball game a pro-looking one.

This respective set is one of the most recently released and launched pods on the market. You will always be happy to buy these High Capacity Pods because their exterior side comes with a fantastic finish. Undoubtedly, these are highly durable pods and work far better than traditional methods. Hence, if you want to keep on enjoying quicker and speedily reload processing during games, have this paintball pod set right now.

  • Comes with an Enlarged thumb Groove
  • Infused with contoured lid
  • Spring-loaded lid
  • Grips are not raised

Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods - 6 Pack

2. Dye Alpha 150 Round Paintball Pods – 6 Pack

Key Features:

  • Reduces and minimizes spilled paint
  • Better than a standard pod
  • Gives increased capacity
  • Tapered diameter
  • “Press Flick” pod
  • Intuitive reloads
  • Locking lid

Dye Alpha pod pack paintball is the next suggestion! It shows a 150 round capacity and is infused with a Patented and quick-release locking lid.

We have believed that such a paintball pod set makes your game pro and expert-looking. In addition, no-hassle is given to the player while loading and reloading the paintballs in these pods.

Most importantly, this set claims to minimize and bring down accidental spills. It is useless to buy standard pods now; invest in such options and make your game fill with comfort. All of the pods show a consistent diameter and size and give high capacity time to the user. However, it is a small pod size but works powerfully. Moreover, it holds more of the paint, and both of its exterior and interior sides are flawlessly finished.

Lastly, there is locking them in so that you can minimize the accidental situations of spilled paint. To all new paintball players, if you often get worried and stressed about running short of paintballs, always keep this pod set with you and never make your game a stress-free one!

  • Small in size but carry more paintballs
  • Durable and enlarged hinge
  • Locking style lid
  • The hinge system is not that wide

Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods

3. Maddog 150 Round Bones Paintball Pods

Key Features:

  • Fits on all kinds of paintball harnesses
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • Shows solid construction
  • Flawlessly smooth
  • No-Look reloads
  • Carry more paint

How about having this Maddog paintball pod set? It has become an essential tactical gear and the best paintball pod pack you should not miss out on buying! So, this reviewed pod set helps you carry more paint and improve your paintball game stamina. In addition, it shows the capacity of 150 rounds. The only shortcoming is that the set pack comes with pods only, and you need to buy paintballs separately.

These pods have Gradually Raised kind of ‘BONES’ Grips and come with an Indented Thumb Tab. It is assured by the brand that you will get faster and no-look reloads processing. There is no collar on these pods, and you will see the element of solid construction.

Keep in a notice that these respective paintball pods are made of durable Polypropylene. Your paintballs will remain protected and damage-free in these pods because there is a layer of EVA protective foam in them.

The purpose of EVA foam is to keep the rounds all in one piece. On the other hand, high-impact Polypropylene will help the player seeing maximum strength and integrity in his gameplay. We have established that it is one of the most well-designed paintball pods. Its exterior side is so much flawlessly smooth.

  • Infused with indented thumb Tab
  • Raised ‘BONES’ grips
  • Allow faster reloads
  • Paintballs are sold separately

3Skull Clear Heavy Duty 140rd Paintball Pods - 6 Pack

4. 3Skull Clear Heavy Duty 140rd Paintball Pods – 6 Pack

Key Features:

  • Fits with strapped and strapless harnesses
  • The capacity of 140 round paintball pods
  • Produce no rattle or noise
  • Arrives in 6 Pack
  • Quick to reload
  • Heavy duty

3Skull paintball pod set is one of the heavy-duty and easy-to-use 140th capacity best paintball pods set. It is obtainable and accessible in the 6-pack set. Most noteworthy, this clear pod has Durable and premium Locking Flip Flop Lids. If you have older paintball pod sets in your gaming closet, take them out as soon as possible and replace them with such models.

This reviewed pod set makes sure to eliminate and remove the flared edges and recess the lid so that you can take out and load the paintballs with ease. Moreover, this suggested pod set has a wide thumb groove. It means that your pods will not open up accidentally.

The presence and arming of the tapered geometry feature will increase and enhance the pack friction the minute you will load paintballs in it. They exhibit paint-saving characteristics, and you never and ever run short of paintballs. The brand claimed and guaranteed that your paintballs would not rattle or make a noise in these pods set. Though they will be loosely packed, the paint will remain settle and intact on them!

  • Keeps the paint well settle on your balls
  • Arrives in locking flip flop lids
  • Highly durable
  • No money-back guarantee

Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pods

5. Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pods

Key Features:

  • Dust coated sort of texture grip
  • Flawless and smooth eject
  • Ideal for strapless pack
  • Tapered retention
  • Wide thumb grip
  • Paint cushion

Bunkerkings ESC Paintball Pod set is the 8-pack set. You will probably find this set as one of the efficient, secure, and convenient to use paintball holder plastic sets. You do not have to panic if you often run short of paintballs in between your gameplay! Get hold of this pod set and make your life easier.

This set is highly optimized and comes in a strapless pack. In addition, it gives a paint cushion and injects with a silent running lid. The exclusive and reviewed pod set delivers tapered retention and also ejection geometry. It does not show any of the accidental spillage times.

You can notice that this set has a wide, robust, and recessed thumb grip. The textured grip is wholly and entirely dust-coated. However, it gives smooth eject and fits on all packs and harnesses. Whether your harness is strapped or strapless, this one is a suitable recommendation for you.

It showcases 140th rounds capacity and is obtainable in a variety of colors. Once you buy this Semi-transparent and high-quality plastic pod, please share with us your reviews. It would be best if you stop wasting your money on purchasing any of the expensive pod sets. Low-quality pod sets lose costly paint of yours and give you an immense number of missed shot opportunities. This one is a trusted suggestion, and you can worry-free buy it.

  • Recessed thumb grip
  • “Silent Running” lid
  • No-spill lid
  • The lid is not moisture-wicking

SciencePurchase 6 Pack of Translucent Paintball Pods

6. SciencePurchase 6 Pack of Translucent Paintball Pods

Key Features:

  • Translucent paintball pods
  • It fits into most harnesses
  • Prevent losing paintballs
  • Hold up to 140 rounds
  • Plastic construction
  • Six pack

SciencePurchase paintball pods are the last and final suggestion from our side. Note that it is accessible in the 6 Pack form, and these are Translucent Paintball Pods. They hold up to 140 Rounds. The main feature of this one of the best pods for a paintball set is it has a locking flipping lid and fits nicely on a vast number of harnesses. Sturdy and robust construction quality is embedded in it.

This pod makes sure to withstand and bear all harsh uses. You will see no difficulty while opening up the lids. They do not open or pop up on their own. A flick action is obligatory from your side! The set arrives in a translucent white color. It is time to stop losing your paintballs and keeps them safe and secure in these kinds of pods set.

Hence, an extra and additional perk is attached to this paintball pod set? You will not be dropping any of your rubber or paintballs. Whether you are running here and there and fully immersed in your game, this pod set will keep your paintballs intact and secure.

Even more, no noise is produced, and the paint keeps there on the balls. We can say that it is all high time to change how you used to play paintball activities. Enter in the field with confidence and no stress traces on your face. Keep your pod fully loaded with paintballs, and do not forget to buy this pod set.

  • Locking flipping lid
  • Strong and durable
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • A bit heavy

Gen-X Global GXG 140 Round Paintball Pod

7. Gen-X Global GXG 140 Round Paintball Pod

Key Features:

  • It fits and adjusts on all standard harnesses
  • Operates on the flick of your thumb
  • Holds and carry up to 140 balls
  • Spring-loaded cover
  • Durable plastic
  • Black color

Gen-X Global paintball container set to hold and carry up to 140 balls; this is so amazing! This subjected set is made with the help of heavy-duty and premium plastic. You will feel no burden while carrying this pod set because it is incredibly lightweight.

Undoubtedly, it is an inexpensive set and keeps you accompanied with extra paint while you enter the field. In addition, it is made and designed in a way to get fit on all possible number of standard harnesses. Furthermore, this pod set is well-made and remains to stay tough and durable. Use your thumb, and these pods will get opened up on their own! In other words, they function on the flick mode.

What you need to do is keep on carrying more paintballs and fewer pods. And this mission is accomplished upon buying this paintball pod set. We have already explained that it runs on the press flick button operations and gives you an intuitive experience. Lastly, the induction of an enlarged and durable hinge and pin makes it a popular pod set.

  • Allow you to carry extra paint
  • Hassle-free to fill your loader
  • Inexpensive option
  • Delayed customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a paintball Pod set hold?

A paintball Pod set holds and carries up to 140 paintballs. The maximum and average holding capacity offered by pod sets. Avoid buying that paintball pod set that does not show this much holding capacity. So, in most instances, the average holding power of a paintball Pod set is up to 140 rounds.

What are paintball harnesses?

A paintball harness is also given the name of the paintball pack. You can call it as pod back or, at times, known as ball hauler. These harnesses are worn by the players so that they can carry and hold their spare paintballs.
Furthermore, they have their additional and other needed paintball gear in these harnesses. Keep in a notice that a paintball harness is usually and generally worn around the waist. These harnesses arrive in a vast number of designs and formats.

Can you wash paintball pod packs?

It is possible to wash paintball pod packs. In this regard, it is recommended to wash and clean them by using regular cold water and nothing else.

Final Verdict

Lots of information and exciting stats are still on their way regarding these best paintball pods. Now, we can give this piece of advice that if your current pod set lid is not working and its holding capacity is not maximum, replace those old sets with these latest paintball pod sets like HK Army paintball pods.

If you are in the midst of a tough battle and want to reload your gun quickly, then these suggested paintball pod sets can help you only! They allow you to come out from the fussy and messy situations when you often run short of paintballs. All of these models are accessible in the shops.

The best part is that more of their multitude of variations and versions are arriving sooner. In addition, these suggested paintball pods have unique locking elements and come with a Non-slip rough exterior. They have EVA, or you can say moisture-wicking lid foam, and make of heat-sensitive plastic. Players have loved these pod sets as they have a robust hinge system. Stay tuned with us.

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