How Paintball Guns Work [All You Need To Know Before Buying]

Are you curious how a paintball gun works? If yes, you are at the perfect spot. Here you will find all the information about the working of a paintball gun from loading the barrel to hitting your opponent.

Do you think it is important to know the paintball gun working phenomenon? In our opinion, it is worthwhile because it will help you to adjust your targeting angle. Not only this, but you will find it easier to hit your opponent.

Last but not least, the working phenomenon will help you to choose between mechanical or electrical paintball guns. You may check the best paintball gun for the money to start playing paintball games. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

How Paintball Guns Work [All You Need To Know Before Buying]

Working of A Paintball Gun To Shoot A Ball

Let us start with the barrel. Whenever you load the gun, the paintballs do not fall into the valve straight away. Remember that the valve tube is the section where the gas and ball pass when you pull the trigger. Fundamentally, paintball guns are plunged in the barrel.

The bolt must be crooked to let the ball fall. Did you get it? Don’t Worry! It means the paintball does not fire like the other ordinary guns. You have to cock the gun to let the paintball fall from the barrel. To do this, push the spring against the cock that will move the bolt to open the barrel.

After that, the gas is loaded which means the paintball is in the valve tube. Don’t fire immediately. Now, you have to pull the trigger to fire the paintball just like ordinary guns. Pull the trigger and it will let go of the hammer and gas becomes activated. In the end, the gas pushed the paintball to go out of the gun to hit your target.

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Types of Paintball Guns in Terms of Working

In terms of the working phenomenon, there are the following two types of paintball guns mechanical and electrical that are used for different types of paintball games. Let’s have a brief introduction to both guns.

Mechanical Paintball Gun & Working

It is the most common type of paintball and consists of plastic pumps set internally. This type of paintball works the same as explained earlier. This means you have to prepare everything mechanically to hit your target.

Electrical Paintball Gun & Working

An electronic paintball gun is some sort of modern and digital gun. It takes care of all the internal mechanisms and you just have to fire by pushing the triggers. Most people like this because you don’t have to bother preparing the whole mechanical system. Due to intelligent circuitry, they are a little bit expensive paintball guns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the working phenomenon of a paintball gun?

The working is simple in which the bolt hits the paintball to go out and hit the target.

How hard does a paintball gun shoot?

According to measurements, the muzzle velocity of a paintball gun is about 90 m/s (300 ft/s). For longer range, you can use a paintball sniper.

How accurate is a paintball gun?

The accuracy relies on many factors. However, the effective range and preciseness of a paintball gun is about 80-1000 feet.


In summary, it was all about the working of a paintball gun. We have provided detailed information about the working and types of a paintball gun. We hope you will find this information helpful in learning how a paintball gun works.

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