How To Clean A Paintball Gun [Easy & Effective Method]

To keep your paintball gun in satisfactory condition, it is important to clean it well after every game. Do you know why cleaning a paintball gun is necessary? The reason is pretty simple.

If you leave the paintball gun dirty for a long time, it will result in malfunctioning, shorter lifespan, and jamming. As a mistreated gun always dies early.

So, how can you clean it easily? Check out the following step-by-step guide to clean your best paintball gun for the money.

Necessary Tools For Paintball Gun Cleaning

Find out the requisite tools and components for paintball gun cleaning purposes:

  • Hex keys.
  • Your paintball gun instruction manual contains its schematic diagram.
  • A soft cloth.
  • A paper towel.
  • Squeegees (It’s optional, but having it is a plus).
  • Warm water.
  • Some good quality oil or machine lubricant.

Step-By-Step Method To Clean A Paintball Gun

Follow the easy and effective step-by-step procedure to clean your paintball gun accurately:

Step 1: Remove The Gear

First, you need to detach the extra gear attached to your gun, such as a hopper, CO2 tank, etc. Put down some rolls of a paper towel on a table. Similarly, put a white covering on the table to place the O-rings and other small elements.

Step 2: Wipe the Outer Body

Now it’s time to clean the exterior of the gun. Take some warm tap water and clean it with a soft cloth. You can also use spraying water in any spray gun. Don’t wipe it immediately, but make sure that water remains on the gun for a few seconds. Further, you can also use paper towels for cleaning.

Step 3: Understand The Schematic

Check out the included instruction manual for the gun to know about the location and assembly of the screw.

Step 4: Dismantle and Clean

Disassemble the whole gun and keep the parts on the table. A good practice is to keep them in a particular manner for easy reassembling. Again use the warm water to clean the inner body using a soft cloth. Also, clean each component of the gun with warm water. (Note: Tap water is not recommended).

Step 5: Make Use of Squeegees

If something is remaining in the barrel, you can use squeegees to remove it.

Step 6: Dry it

Take a clean, soft towel and dry the gun and each component precisely.

Step 7: Lubricate

Take a soft, thin brush and apply the oil on each component and internal part of the gun. The reason is to protect the metal parts from corrosion.

Step 8: Reassembling

Now, reassemble your paintball gun accurately by following the schematic diagram mentioned in the instruction manual. Don’t forget to tighten the keys with the help of a hex key.

Step 9: Let The Gun Dry

Finally, you have finished cleaning the paintball gun. Now, put the gun for a few hours to dry all the potential water in any warm space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean my paintball gun?

Yes, it is necessary to clean your paintball gun to work properly and have a longer lifespan.

Should I oil a paintball gun?

As you know, we clean the gun with warm water. There are chances of corrosion because the gun has metal parts. It is a good practice to oil the screens and other metal parts to save them from rust.

How often should I oil my paintball gun?

You can clean the barrel and put the lube oil after every game of the paintball gun. Similarly, you can also oil the gun once a day.


In conclusion, you don’t need any special tools and cleaners for paintball gun cleaning purposes. Just use the simple warm water, and all is good to go. Also, don’t forget the oiling of the screws. You may also check how to get paintball paint out of clothes.

Keep in mind that squeegees are an optional step; you can skip them if you want. In the end, we hope you will find this comprehensive guide easy and effective.

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