How to get Paintball Paint out of Clothes [Strains Removal Guide]

Most of the paintball players are worried about the removal of paintball stains from the clothes. Whenever the opponent hits the paintballs with a paintball gun, the paint gets penetrated deep into the fabrics.

So, this is one of the prominent problems that the paintballers face because cleaning or paintball clothes or gear is pretty much difficult, especially for beginners.

Don’t Worry! This guide is all about paintball paint removal from the clothes. Let’s get deeper!

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Easy Steps To Remove Paint From Paintball Clothes

If you are also worried about stain removal because of Paintball gear, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

1. Wipe Your Clothes Straight away

Keep in mind that the dye utilized in paintballs is the same, just like food dyes. Likewise, you can remove the stains as soon as you wash them. If you leave them too long, it will be difficult to remove them.

Therefore, clean your paintball gear immediately when you are hit by the paintballs. It will not remove the stains 100% but not allow the stains to penetrate deeply into the clothing.

2. Clean the Litter before Washing

Before throwing your paintball gear into the laundry, clean all the leaves, burrs, and sticks that your clothes have collected stains while playing. If you don’t clean, that debris may cause further clogs and stains. They might be harmful to your clothes and also the washing machine.

3. Pre-treatment Before Cleaning

Before washing, take some time for pre-treatment of your paintball clothes. In this process, wash the paintball gear with a powerful stain remover or detergent. Furthermore, rub the clothes with your hands at the point of stains. After that, let the clothes remain in the detergent solution for about five minutes or more.

4. Select the Optimized Settings of Washing Machine

Further, examine the type and quality of the fabric and then adjust the washing machine setting (i.e., temperature) at a higher level. It’s better to buy a machine that has “Sanitary cycle” and “Super Hot” functionalities.

5. Dry The Clothes After Washing

The last and most important step is to dry your paintball clothes after washing. Try to dry up to a higher level to remove the stains more effectively. As the temperature and drying also affect the removal of stains. In our opinion, air dry is the best and most effective method to get rid of stubborn stains. After that, you can also leave the clothes in sunlight for a few hours.

How To Prevent Stubborn Paintball Stains

We have shared all the easy steps to get rid of stains from the paintball gear. Therefore, focus on enjoying yourself rather than thinking of the stains. If you want peace of mind along with the entertainment, we recommend you designate some clothes for paintball games.

Moreover, it’s better to wear dark-colored clothes having soft fabrics because they are easier to clean. You can also check how to clean a paintball gun with easy steps.


In summary, we have shared the information on how you can take care of your paintball clothing and gear. Our tips will make washing and cleaning easier and ensure the longer lifespan of your clothing fabric.

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