Types of Paintball Games and How to Play [Comprehensive Guide]

Paintball is one of the famous games in which the opponent hits the balls with dye-filled gelatin capsules known as paintballs. These paintballs break upon impact and the balls are shot with the help of paintball guns also called paintball markers.

Let’s share another important thing with you. Do you know what a paintball game is and its types? Yes, there are different types of paintball games and their types. You can make sure to choose a paintball gun according to your game type. Let’s get deeper!

Paintball Game Types & How To Play Them

There are several types of paintball games having their own set of rules. However, we have chosen the top paintball game types and the best paintball guns for you:

1. Capture The Flag

This type of paintball is further subdivided into two variations such as the center flag and two flags. Let’s explain both. In the center flag type, two teams play with each other where the flag remains in the center. The primary task is to hold the flag and hang it in the opponent’s flag area (flag station).

On the other hand, the flag is hung in each teams’ flag station if you are playing two flag paintballs. Both teams have to fight with each other to capture the opponent’s flag. Remember that the team has to return to their own section after capturing.

2. Elimination

It is the most common and simplest type of paintball game. This type is helpful if you are learning how to play a paintball game. In this type, the game is divided into two teams and one team has to eliminate the opponent. This is done with the help of marking other teams with paintball or you can also catch the opponent to surrender. All games are played under a time limit to prevent a stalemate.

3. Attack & Defend

Again the players are categorized into two teams, the player might not be the same. In this type, the opponent has to outnumber the other team by the ratio of 4:1 or 3:1. All the games are played under a time limit by using Paintball Guns. However, the defenders are capable of playing until the time runs out.

4. King of The Hill

It’s not the same game as you played in your childhood. In this type, two players try to compete with each other. The one who wins stays in the field and challenges the other player. The winner is one who becomes the all-in-all of the hill.

5. Bomb Squad

In a bomb squad paintball game, the bad guys are given the bombs to hide at different places. The number of bombs can be varied with the difference in team members. After hiding all the bombs, the opponents come to the fields, and the match begins. The main aim is to search out all the bombs and return to their station. The opponent tries to defend until the time runs out. But you have to stick with the work.

Wrapping up

Paintball is one of the most popular games played worldwide. There are numerous types of paintball scenarios having individual terms and rules. We have explained the most played and interesting paintball games types to you. We hope you will find the above-mentioned information helpful. Select one that appeals to you the most and enjoys it.

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