What Hurts More Airsoft or Paintball? [Differences And Comparison]

Most people take pain as a discouragement. Conversely, some fans take it as the badge of honor of being struck by a Paintball or Airsoft. Being hit by a Paintball or Airsoft has the potential of skin damage, bleeding, and leaving scars and more.

Here comes a query that is asked by a majority of the people. Which hurts more: Airsoft or a paintball Gun? If you are also in search of the answer, stay with us. This article is all about a quick comparison between Airsoft and Paintball. Also, the hurting factor is discussed in detail. So, let’s get started!

Paintball vs Airsoft: Which Hurts More And Why?

After analyzing different aspects, here we have brought some interesting facts for you. Let’s start with the shooting speed. Both airsoft and paintball shoot down at the rate of 300-400 FPS (feet per second) it also depends on the type of paintball gun. So, what’s the difference then? The primary distinction is the weight.

Typically, an airsoft BB contemplates about 0.20 grams, and the weight of a paintball shooting ball weighs about 3 grams. They produce about 0.84 Joules and 12.5 Joules of energy, respectively.

According to the details mentioned above, it is evident that the paintball hunting effect is more in contrast with the airsoft BBs.

Parameters Determining The Pain: Airsoft vs Paintball

Everything is dependent on something, and the same is true for airsoft and paintball. Check out the parameters by which you can determine how much pain you might get:

  • The separation between the target being shooted and the shooter itself.
  • Paintball or Airsoft guns’ FPS (Feet Per Second) rating.
  • The total weight of the Ammo.
  • How much clothing are you wearing or simple protective gear.

Tips To Avoid Severe Pain During Paintball and Airsoft

It is the fact that paintballs and airsoft BBs hit from shorter distances will definitely hurt more. To help you avoid the intense pain of paintballs and airsoft BBs, we are sharing the pros tips.

  • First of all, make sure you are wearing proper clothing or protective gear for paintball or airsoft.
  • To protect your eyes from being hit by the BBs, it is recommended to wear high-quality goggles. However, don’t forget to cover your nose, face, and head from being seriously injured with the help of robust headgear.
  • To avoid discoloring, you must wear thick sweatshirts and a certain amount of padding.
  • Similarly, wear some pain-prevention clothing just like military soldiers while playing airsoft.
  • Don’t forget to wear thick gloves made up of quality material to cover your hands.
  • There are several types of protective clothing, and other elements available in the market. However, we have shared only the most essential protective gear components.

Frequently Asked Question

How bad does airsoft hurt?

Airsoft can also cause serious injury, just like other sports. The most prominent injuries being hit by airsoft BBs are skin breaking, bone fracture, teeth damage, bleeding, and more.

Does airsoft hurt more than a paintball?

The hurting effect of paintballs and airsoft BBs are directly dependent on their size. According to tests, paintballs hurt more than airsoft.

Where do paintballs hurt the most?

The hurting effect depends on the sensitivity of your body organs. However, paintballs hurt more on the neck, inside of your leg, groin, hands, and back of your head.

Final Thoughts

Airsoft and Paintball are the two most important and well-known sports worldwide. Besides the fun point of view, they may cause serious injuries also.

Most people want to know that which hurts more between paintballs and airsoft BBs. Above, we have shared all the details and facts that depict which one is more damaging.

We hope our ultimate guide will help you clear all your ambiguities related to airsoft and paintballs damaging effects.

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